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Kevin S (8/17/2014)

“They have a very large selection of beers on tap.  The food was very good – much better than I expected for “bar food.”  I ordered the [stuffed jalapenos] expecting standard frozen, battered, deep fried variety.  Much to my surprise, they were no kidding real fresh jalapeno peppers sliced in half and loaded with cheese, tater tots, and bacon.  They were VERY good.  We also enjoyed the wings, the hummus, and some burgers.  All good stuff.”


Victor H.  (6/10/2014)

“This is starting to be my happy hour spot with friends when I’m in Herndon/Reston.  I love their beer selection and their happy hour specials[beer specials not allowed via VA ABC]as well as their Monday wings special.  Wings are delicious with great sauces and spice flavors.  Other items they have that are good are their sliders, crab dip and chili cheese fries.”


Donald F.  (4/8/2014)

“Now I didn’t get a chance to try the Nachos but the Chicken fingers and the Quesadillas were pretty darn good. I think I may have eaten all of the Chicken fingers because I just couldn’t stop going back to grab one…”


Scott H. (1/9/2014)

“As for the food, it is a solid selection of pub/bar food. There isn’t really any traditional restaurant seating here, but the bar is huge and there’s several tables just behind that give great views of the TVs. I was feeling rather hungry, and saw that they offered sliders at a reasonable price. I can totally eat 10 sliders when I’m hungry. And I did. Many places will charge you ridiculous prices for sliders, but at Carpool I got 10 sliders with bacon and a side of tots for $19. They were BIG sliders and they were YUMMY. ”


Sarah W. (8/12/2011)

“Their sliders, cheese fries and jalapeno poppers are amazing!